Special Offer for our Twitter Followers

Dear friends from our twitter community

Some days ago, the Panamanian government announced that on October 12, 2020, all limitations due to the COVID-19 prevention measures will be lifted and Panamanian airports and tourist facilities like restaurants and hotels will be able to operate again. 

We have all been worried about this pandemic and the stress and the limitations over many months have taken their toll, emotionally and economically.
As you all know, we here have been following closely what happened in your country and we know it has been hard for many of you.
During these months, also our activity was closed, as even our usual Panamanian guests could not travel and visit us to take a weekend off.
Having been able to meet you and others online and exchange our thoughts has thus been a great pleasure and it has been a pleasure to see the followership of our twitter account grow steadily.

This is why we want to make a special offer of an extra 10% rebate on all bookings to our twitter friends.
The rebate applies also additionally to already seasonally or otherwise discounted prices, e.g. discounts for longer stays. 
This offer is limited to those followers that are also followed by us and will be valid only for confirmed reservations made until December 31, 2020. 
You will not find this offer published anywhere else and cannot access it through the menu of this website.

To clarify, it is not sufficient to just follow our twitter account, but we must have been following you, too, prior to your reservation.
The reason is, we want to restrict this offer exclusively to like-minded persons, so we can enjoy chatting with you personally if you choose to visit us.

Please visit our pages about our apartments, about us, booking, and how to contact us.
When you book, please mention your twitter handle together with your request for the rebate.

By the way, if things go bad on November 3rd, I'd like to remind you that Panama welcomes American immigrants with open arms 😅

Payment Conditions for the Special Offer

Please note that we consider a reservation confirmed, once we have received the confirmation deposit.
You will find more details on the  Booking page, scrolling down. You can pay with your credit card online and on-site.

You may ask, what happens if COVID flares up again and my booked flight is canceled due to new travel limitations?
No need to worry.
Just send us a copy of the flight cancellation and we will cancel your reservation without charge.
If you have already paid the confirmation deposit, we will either send you the money back (bank or card fees may apply) or we hold your deposit for you for another date if you prefer so. 
If you cancel before paying the deposit, no fees are applied.

Any questions? We will be glad to answer. Just contact us.