Your Android Smart-TV at Aparthotel Boquete

This page may come handy if you open it in your mobile device when you use your Smart-TV for the first time.

The Android Smart TV in your apartment at Aparthotel Boquete is connected to the internet via your personal WiFi connection and has several apps for viewing movies and international news installed, including Netflix in English or Spanish, HBO, Youtube, Arte in different languagesas well as several German (ARD, ZDF, DW), Italian (RAI) and English-Language TV programs

For the time being, the tv-sets do not receive tv channels over the air or via cable but only streaming tv via the web (web-tv).
For some of these services, you will need a subscription while others are financed by publicity or their country's government.

If you want to use any special Android app, e.g. CBS or Fox Sports (which transmitted the Superbowl in 2020), please let us know in advance. We will install the app for you if it is available, so you can use your subscription.

In any case, you can use the installed Chrome-Browser app to connect to any website you want to, including streaming TV websites.
We recommend using the browser also for your Netflix subscription because the Android Netflix app appears to store your credentials indefinitely and seemingly you cannot cancel them after use. Please take care to log out of your account after using any subscribed streaming service.

The following is a list of international tv stations that you can view via the internet on your Smart-TV in your apartment at Aparthotel Boquete.

If your preferred tv station is not on the list, you may want to look for it on, where we found some of the listed items, or search for it with Google.

There are also many websites that offer "free" streaming movies, which you can look up here. (Of course, "free" is not really free, as you will have to watch ads to see the movies).

How it works:

To see any such station, please switch on your tv set, wait for the Android OS to boot, and then scroll down on the homepage with your remote control to the section "Apps". There you will find all the installed apps, including the app "Browser" (spanish: "Navegador"). On the right end of this list, you can click to see all installed apps. In the second row, you will see some frequently used apps for faster access.

Clicking "OK" on the app called "Navegador" will open the Chrome Browser where you can input the web address of the desired tv station in the search line and thus open their website.
On the right side of the menu, there is a collection of apps that are already installed. If your favorite app is not among them, we will be glad to install it for you. Please be aware that some content from other countries may not be available in Panama.

Smart Remote Control:

While you can control your TV using its own remote control, we recommend installing an app in your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to use your device as a keyboard with a touch mouse or reproduce the screen of your mobile device on the big screen. Another advantage is that you can use the headphones of your device instead of the speakers of the tv set to listen to the sound.

We recommend the app EShare, which is available for Android devices on Google Play and for Apple devices on the Apple App Store. This app provides a tactile mouse, an alphanumeric keyboard and the possibility to reproduce your small screen on the big one. You will find a leaflet with a short description in your apartment and we will be glad to assist you to install it and set it up on your device.

List of international tv stations on the web


3Sat Mediathek
Deutsche Welle TV
ARTE deutsch


CNN videos
MSNBC streaming via Youtube Channel
ARTE english
FRANCE 24 English – LIVE
Sky News live
ABC  (live shows require subscription, news require VPN)
NFL via its Youtube Channel
ON Sport Live


TVN pass
ARTE español
Medcom Go


FRANCE 24 – EN DIRECT – Info et actualités internationales en continu 24h/24 streaming via Youtube
ARTE français


RAI News
(selezionare Video)

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