Rental Conditions

These conditions have been last updated on Feb. 24, 2022

1)     To confirm your reservation, we require a deposit of 30% of the total amount (50% for reservations through online agencies such as as follows:

  • For direct reservations made more than 30 days before arrival:   30% guarantee deposit within 4 days after reservation.
  • For direct reservations made at least 7 days before arrival:   30% guarantee deposit within 48 hours after reservation.
  • For direct reservations made less than 7 days before arrival:   30% guarantee deposit within 24 hours after reservation.

2)     Our accounts for transfers between Panamanian banks are:

  • GLOBAL BANK CORP. checking account 16101232431 and
  • BAC Credicorp checking account 104313259, always for Tuscany Real Estates S.A.
    There are no commissions for payments by bank transfer between Panamanian banks. Foreign bank transfers may carry significant bank fees.
    We do also accept online payments with your debit or credit card but always only consider the net amount received for the deposit.
    The bank commission for the collection of cards that are not physically present (online payment by card) is approx. 5% of the amount.
    If you want to pay with your card, we will send you a payment link for a secure website.

3)     We only guarantee reservations that have been confirmed by a security deposit as indicated above. Aparthotel Boquete can cancel unconfirmed reservations and freely dispose of the apartment. The client can renounce the reservation for free before confirming it with the deposit.

4)     The outstanding balance will be paid either in cash, via local bank transfer, or with your credit card (free of fees for physically present cards) at the time of arrival. We do not accept checks.
If the rent stretches over several months, Aparthotel Boquete can offer to split the remaining rent into an adequate number of partial payments.

5)     The reservation will be valid with the payment of the deposit.
After payment of the deposit, Aparthotel Boquete is obliged to have a habitable apartment for the client's exclusive use as described on this website for the nights reserved, and the client is obliged to rent it as agreed in their reservation and pay all reserved time.

6)     If the client gives up the use of the apartment after payment of the deposit and before arrival, we will use the deposit as compensation. There will be no refund of the deposit, except in cases of force majeure ("force majeur"). In those cases we return the deposit with the exception of USD 60 for accounting and banking expenses.

7)     If the client does not resign at least 24 hours before their expected arrival or does not begin their stay in the apartment ("no-show"), Aparthotel Boquete is entitled to the full payment of the agreed rent.

9)     After the payment of the agreed rent, the client will have the exclusive right to use the apartment for the entire time reserved and paid. The rent is not reduced if the client decides to use the apartment only partially.

  • In particular, if the client decides to arrive a few days after the start of the rental, be absent to travel for a few days, or definitely leave a few days before the end date of their agreed stay, the apartment is at their exclusive disposal all the time and there will be no refund of the rent for times of absence.

10)  The arrival time (check-in) is generally from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m., the final departure time (check-out) is until 10 a.m.

11)  The check-in will be obligatorily accompanied by the staff of the Aparthotel Boquete who will show the facilities to the client and will collect the balance of the rental on the same day. The clients are asked to inform us of their approximate arrival time, so that staff from the Aparthotel Boquete can be present. Being a small family business, the presence of staff is not guaranteed at all times.
Clients are asked to report any observed damages or malfunctioning items immediately, so we can fix them in time.

12) Check-out can be done without the presence of our staff. All amounts due need to be paid before departure. The guest will leave the key(s) at the indicated place inside the apartment.

13)  If the client desires an extension of the rented period after they have started their stay, we will apply the same median rate per night of the initial reservation.

14) The rent includes water, electricity, gas for cooking and for the production of hot water, internet by cable and WiFi, parking with security video cameras, use of the "Smart-TV" that works exclusively with WiFi, cleaning, and change of bed and bath linen approximately every 7 days or at the end of your stay. Other services that may be described on our website, such as free access to Netflix, breakfast, or daily bread, are not an obligation for us and may not be available to all guests unless expressly included.

15)   The guests are responsible for damages to the facilities caused by them, their companions or pets, and are obliged to pay for the necessary repairs or replacements under their responsibility.

16)  Aparthotel Boquete accepts small pets upon prior request and will charge a small supplement and a separate deposit to cover eventual damages or expenses for special cleaning required by the animals. In particular, if animals enter the bed, a complete replacement of sheets and/or blankets may be necessary to avoid allergic reactions from future hosts.
We are free to refuse the presence of pets not previously announced. If the guests choose not to use the apartment in this case, we consider this waiver as a "no-show" (see above).